iSenx Ltd.

Known for their recent development of The Burfield in Sun Peaks, iSenx has built a proven track record in property, our investments are designed to meet sound business formulas for success. It requires true sensitivity to see the potential of a place while honouring the integrity of what already exists, and their vision is fuelled with a love of the landscape and respect for the culture.

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Bluegreen Architecture

The firm’s experience covers a broad range of building types and includes: building design for new construction, renovation, feasibility studies, re-zoning, urban design and master-planning. Thirty years of experience with private sector developments, environmentally sensitive principals, and market trends has led to an intuitive understanding and balance between site, responsible design, user groups and the building.



Meranti Developments

Renowned builders Meranti Developments is an award-winning firm founded by Darcy Franklin with a client-focused approach that aimed to deliver unique one-of-a-kind properties, all while providing exceptional workmanship. Located in Sun Peaks, Meranti Developments began specialising in bespoke family homes and has since grown to encompass multi-family, commercial and institutional projects.



Sotheby's International Realty Canada

The Sun Peaks office take an authentic approach to real estate built upon the common ground shared with clients, and a love for the Sun Peaks lifestyle. Consistently setting the benchmark in the real estate market, and offer an unparalleled insight into Sun Peaks and investment potential.